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Announcement: RapidDisk (rxdsk) 1.3.1b Stable release

December 10th, 2011 Comments off

I just released RapidDisk version 1.3.1b. The changelog documents the following changes:

  • Added check in management utility to make sure that rxdsk node is present before archiving and restoring compressed/ decompressed images.

This is a very minor update and is mostly for the restoration portion of the utility so we just don’t accidentally create a file named /dev/rxd[x] instead of using an actual rxdsk volume, if that volume is not present on the system.

One other note, the same 1.3b patch to enable the module to build on kernel 2.6.18 will still work with this release.

For additional information on the RapidDisk project, please visit its official wiki page. Or to stay updated, just follow the project on the RapidDisk Google+ page.