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Reiser4? Really? How much of a demand is there for it?

February 1st, 2011 1 comment

Yesterday Phoronic posted an article, An Update On Reiser4 For The Mainline Linux Kernel. Truth be told, I kind of forgot about the file system. It seemed to fall into the far background of Linux file system development as more light was shed upon Ext4-fs and the upcoming Btrfs. I am kind of surprised that it still hasn’t been included into the mainline Linux kernel yet. But I was surprised to see Phoronix report on it. They must of had nothing else to report on. ;-)

So, who is really waiting for Reiser4? And even if does boast interesting features that Ext4 does not, how can it compete with something like Btrfs? I mean, c’mon, volume creation, snapshots, data compression, etc. Don’t get me wrong. The approach taken with the Dancing B*-trees are an interesting concept and do aid in the file system’s ability to retain atomicity and stability. But it is difficult to see a future for Reiser4 when (as the article mentions) no one is supporting it. ReiserFS v 3 got a major boost from SUSE.

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