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Linux Magazine Article: Three Simple Tweaks for Better SSD Performance

November 26th, 2009 Comments off

Earlier today I came across this interesting article on tuning your SSD drive to achieve greater performance. It is worth noting that this article is intended for Linux and when it mentions setting your file systems mount options with noatime, this too is relevant for file systems that support such an option.

I would also take the time to read the comments. There are some distribution specific responses to the author’s notes.

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Recently integrated into ZFS: Data Deduplication

November 3rd, 2009 Comments off

I just stumbled onto this blog entry on the implementation of data deduplication into the Sun Microsystem’s ZFS file system. It is implemented in such a nice and clean way, I am looking forward to testing it. For instance, just like any other feature of the ZFS file system, data dedup can be enabled disabled at any path from the ZFS root mount point. Examples taken from Jeff Bonwick’s blog post cited above:

zfs set dedup=on tank
zfs set dedup=off tank/home
zfs set dedup=on tank/vm
zfs set dedup=on tank/src

It is that simple (man 1 zfs).

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